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Hecht-Lancaster & Buzzell Music, Inc.



Hecht-Lancaster & Buzzell Music, Inc. (sometimes referred to as Hecht-Lancaster-Buzzell Music Publishing, and later known as Hecht & Buzzell Music, Inc. and Colby Music, Inc.) was an American music publishing company founded by film producer Harold Hecht, his brother-in-law Loring Buzzell, and Hecht's business partner, actor/producer Burt Lancaster. Hecht-Lancaster & Buzzell Music was solely associated with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). The three partners also founded the music publishing company Calyork Music, Inc. (sometimes referred to as Calyork Music Corporation or Calyork Music Publishing), which was solely associated with Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI). Hecht, Lancaster and Buzzell also briefly operated their own record label, Calyork Records, which was active in the late 1950s. Hecht-Lancaster & Buzzell Music, Calyork Music and Calyork Records were divisions of Hecht and Lancaster's film production corporation Norma Productions.

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"May you always", 1958

 Item — Box 2: Series Vocal_sheet_music_001, Folder: Mark-Mi, Object: 12
Identifier: Vocal_sheet_music_001